The Dallas Design District


QIP is passionately dedicated to the transformation and placemaking of the Dallas Design District into a boundless hub of inspiration. To us, the Design District is the perfect canvas to build an entirely new paradigm of office experience. Our strategic mission centers on crafting office spaces that offer an elevated value proposition, eclipsing even the most coveted locations in Dallas.

Acquiring 27 parcels within the Design District, QIP has thoughtfully curated a portfolio of assets tailored to the needs of today and the aspirations of tomorrow’s dynamic workforce. We aren’t just constructing office buildings, we are fostering a vibrant community for kindred spirits who share an unwavering passion for their craft and the way they view space and surroundings. To enrich this community, we’ve embraced a forward-thinking hub-and-spoke portfolio approach, ensuring that every tenant within our portfolio enjoys unrivaled amenities. Here, expect an array of culinary delights, top-tier fitness facilities, curated indoor/outdoor spaces and lounges, all underpinned by high-speed connectivity and fortified by cutting-edge technology.

History of the Design District

Originally a humble floodplain, the city of Dallas unveiled its visionary spirit by boldly engineering levees and rerouting the mighty Trinity River away from Downtown. This move paved the way for what we now know as the extraordinary Design District.

In the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, Trammell Crow recognized the untapped potential of this land, setting in motion the construction of multiple warehouses that would become the foundation for something truly extraordinary. Over time, the district’s magnetic charm drew the gaze of a passionate community of decorators, and purveyors of exquisite furniture, gifts, carpets, rugs, and wall coverings.

Fast forward to the present, and the Dallas Design District has blossomed into a dynamic hub of creativity, culture, and commerce. Its historic warehouses, once the backbone of the city’s industrial prowess, have been thoughtfully repurposed into chic showrooms, studios, and galleries, forging a unique blend of history and contemporary design. This bustling district has become a magnet for artists, designers, and enthusiasts alike, offering a vibrant mix of inspiration and opportunity and celebrating the remarkable journey from its industrial past to the thriving epicenter of art and design that it is today.

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Manufacturing District

Nestled inside of the Dallas Design District, the Manufacturing District stands as the epicenter of Quadrant Investment Properties’ visionary strategy for the area. This centrally located thoroughfare represents the culmination of QIP’s commitment to creating an unparalleled office experience for the modern workforce. Manufacturing District is more than just a location; it’s a meticulously designed environment that radiates a sense of vibrancy and innovation, setting the stage for a transformative workplace experience.